How to ask for a pay raise at your workplace

It seems quite simple, but expressing your desire for a particular promotion is very helpful.
Sometimes management may not know you want it, or has not thought of you as a
candidate, especially if it’s outside of your current department. Often management will tell
you what you need to do to get the position if they know you want it. Be humble, inquisitive,
passionate, and hungry.

-Communicate your needs in a non-threatening way
The whole salary negotiation process is simply communicating your value and worth to an
employer, it’s not about being aggressive, it’s simply justifying why you’re worth what you’re

-Do market research
While coming up with your value, you also need to know what the market is paying for
someone with your credentials. Google, go out and ask people, ask people you know who
have similar job titles and experiences you do

-Give a number, not a range
Here’s why:

  1. When you give a range, your employer is always going to pick the lowest number
    because you said you were open to it.
  2. When you give a range, it makes you look like you don’t know what it is that you


-Don’t look money hungry
As much as we’re all really just working for money, make it more about being valued and the
value you bring to the company.

While I’ve been here at Di Spane, I’ve seen this company grow, I am very proud of the work
we are doing, you have put together a fantastic team, we are a pride of the industry
positivity that communicates your awareness of what the other person has been doing and
contributing to the company. I’ve seen myself growing here, and I’ve seen myself helping the
company to grow. But do you feel confident that we’re gonna continue to grow and am I
part of your plans?

  1. I’m a little surprised I got an offer for a lot more money, but, I’m not taking it because I
    love this business, but I’m really wondering could you level with me as to my future
  2. I got a great offer, I love working here and I plan to stay, but it brings on the table my
    question: what do you think my prospects here in the future might be?

Bonus Tips!
-Don’t bluff
-Don’t make it about you (don’t use “I want”; because it sounds like a demand, it would put
the other side on a more defensive posture, it’s not collaborative, it will not yield the results
you want.)
-Display Commitment
When people are really committed, you can tell by the quality of their work, the effort they
put in, and the relationships they develop. When employees show commitment, we notice
and try to reward them with deserved promotions.

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