Why you need to get promoted

A promotion is what everyone looks forward right after being hired by a
company, but WHY do we want/need that promotion? What is all this work
for? The answer could be one of many. Here are some of the main reasons:

  1. ) Reduce Risk
    If you are good at your job, you are reducing your risk in many ways.
    Your job becomes more secure, since you are an asset to your
    company and they don’t want to lose you. Your financial risk is
    reduced. Your health risk is minimized. Stress will decrease, because
    you are under control. These risks are never eliminated, but you can live
    a much better life by reducing the problems that arise from them.
    2.) Accelerate Your Financial Freedom
    Income increases are a huge factor in being able to retire early.
    Promotions are key to rising above your non-guaranteed 3% yearly
    raise. You need to get ahead. The only way to do that is a promotion
    or performance bonus.
    3.) Develop Your Entrepreneurial skills
    If you dream of having your own company, then sitting in a
    management position will give you the first step in training.
    Management is not easy, especially for a first timer. Do it on someone
    else’s dime your first time around.
    4.) Change Things You Don’t Like
    Do you believe in your company but don’t like how it’s run? Work your
    way up and help change the culture. You’d be amazed at how a
    departmental change for the better can become contagious
    company wide.
    The 3 Types Of Promotions
    Understanding how your company promotes will put you light years
    ahead of your co-workers. Odds are, you need a little bit of each to
    reach the level you want to get to, but there is always one that
    resonates most with a company culture. Figure out where your
    company stands.
    1.) Political
    At some companies, you have to be a corporate politics wizard in
    order to get noticed. This is usually not a company you want to work for.
    Corporate politics will always be a factor, but if it’s the sole way to get
    promoted, it’s highly likely your company masks politics for their lack
    of performance.
    2.) Seniority
    Seniority is a terrible reason to promote someone. For some reason it still
    exists within companies today. The days that ole’ Ralph gets promoted
    because he’s been sitting in the same chair for 30 years is completely
    mind boggling. If this is the case in your company, you might as well
    leave or plan to stay for the long haul. Otherwise, you are wasting your
    3.) Performance Based
    Merit is what a company should base their promotions on. It is the sole
    way to determine an employee’s worth. Mr. Showoff employee may
    be able to shake hands and kiss babies all day, but if that doesn’t lead
    to the bottom line then who cares. Look for companies that promote
    the performers, then become one.
    The Extra Boost
    The extra boosts are the cards you always play. You may ask why?
    When the race is tight, and a promotion is between you and another
    person who doesn’t do these things, you will always win. Do these from
    day one:
    1.) Appearance
    You may think this doesn’t matter anymore. Well, it does. If you’re a guy,
    and everyone wears button downs and khakis, dress one level up.
    Wear a dress shirt and tie. You may get some laughs from your coworkers initially, but this will soon wear off. You will portray that you take
    the job seriously – that’s half the battle.
    2.) Work Ethic
    Unless your company doesn’t allow you to stay past specific hours, put
    in extra time. Consistently be the first one there or last one to leave. If
    you can, do both. This is not easy. It’s a grind. But trust me, your boss will
    eventually notice. If all else fails, you are the guy of gal who shows up
    and puts in the work.
    3.) Be on Time
    If you’re not 10 minutes early, you’re late. Being first in will never make
    you late. Bosses hate when their employees are late. It’s counterproductive and sets a horrible example to your co-workers. It also
    means that your boss has to confront you, and most people hate

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